Single User Application

The most basic usage of TTools is for a single user application, like a Twitter Bot. As no authorization is required, you don’t need to worry about Request and Session Storage.

For this you will need to have all 4 keys needed to authenticate a request:

  • consumer_key: The application API Key (also known as consumer key)
  • consumer_secret: The application API Secret (also known as consumer secret)
  • access_token: The User Access Token
  • access_token_secret: The User Access Token Secret

You can obtain these keys after registering your application on Twitter: On the application details page, there’s an option to generate the access tokens for your user.

If you never created a Twitter App before, check this step-by-step guide.


The code to create a single user application is very simple, you don’t need to deal with Request or Session storage. Below is an example:

$config = array(
    'consumer_key'        => 'APP_CONSUMER_KEY',
    'consumer_secret'     => 'APP_CONSUMER_SECRET',
    'access_token'        => 'USER_TOKEN',
    'access_token_secret' => 'USER_TOKEN_SECRET',

$app = new \TTools\App($config);

echo "static user credentials:<br/><pre>";

echo "</pre><br>last req info:<br>";

For a more real-life example, check the Great Zoltar application (a Twitter auto-reply bot):